We Work With You As An

Integrated Team

  • We partner with you to become a hands-on fully-integrated operations team.
  • Being fully integrated into our clients’ operating structure and coordinating the business management functions boosts efficiencies and allows us to respond to business needs and solve problems in real time.
  • Our active management model coordinates efforts to shape and advance clients’ priorities which allows for acceleration of asset development.

Physical & Virtual Meeting Places

for stakeholders to come together

  • We are the meeting point where the Ovata team, client management and investors can come together in person or virtually to develop business strategies and solutions in a coordinated effort.
  • Our corporate infrastructure and offices in the heart of Montreal provide full administrative and IT capabilities that can be mobilized quickly, functions virtually and be tailored to your needs.

Efficient Virtual Infrastructure

quick to launch and easy to manage

  • Access legal and accounting records from a distance
  • Maintain electronic records from inception and update in real time
  • Approve expenditures, contracts, financing agreements remotely
  • Process all payments electronically
  • Execute contracts conveniently with e-signature software
  • Efficiently fulfill reporting and audit requirements with readily available records
  • Safeguard documents with firewalls and recurrent automatic back-ups

Pricing Model

aligned with your interests

  • Our model is a service-based, scalable solution designed to
    • Minimize the impact on cash flow
    • Allow you to grow your business
    • Maximize financial and administrative resources
  • Our dynamic pricing scales seamlessly to meet your evolving needs and is based on an agreed-upon scope of services
  • Our pricing model gives clients a complete financing, business and corporate structure as well as access to multiple senior-level executives with varying expertise on an as needed basis at a cost comparable to one full-time experienced executive
  • Pricing model is aligned with our clients’ interests:
    • Lower cash cost to conserve current resources
    • Non-cash incentive to align long-term goals

We help you reduce costs & achieve goals

You get more for your investment: all business functions for the cost of 1 executive salary

Ovata Team

Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Finance Officer
Project Manager
General Accountant

+ Corporate Infrastructure

Full virtual capabilities
Remote IT server access
Downtown offices
Meeting rooms

= One Salary

which would otherwise be used to pay one Executive
Let us accelerate your business.

We provide strategic business guidance and financial expertise to enable emerging life science companies to accelerate the development of their discoveries.

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